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.Music. by kinipelahh

This image caught my eye striagt away. First of all the black and white look gives it a feel like we're down memory lane as well as how the background looks slightly worn. One of my first thoughts was "Those days were great" and "I remember those". Being a nineties kid I remember the way they would get caught and eaten up, this photo reminded me of that beacause of the way the music notes were created. I could almost believe that they weren't done like that on purpose(but I know they were).

I like the way this photo was taken from directly above with some minor shadowing to give it a realistic feel. I would like to give bonus points for the creativity. I love the way the tape is used to create music notes, this is something I would never have thought of. hHe imagination and effort that went into this piece was a nice breath of fresh air.

The last thing that I really liked about this photo was all the symbolism and meaning that can be derrived from this and how it can relate to many people.
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kinipelahh Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2010  Student Photographer
thanks... yeah, the notes were pretty hard to make.... they wouldn't stop curling up, so screwing them up a little bit was the best shot which also gave it a nice symbolism I guess :)
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